COCAS Server status
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COCAS Server status


Computer networking is one of the main challenges faced by business owners when choosing the right technology for their business. And, getting the most out of these technology investment is still a big challenge for several small businesses. For instance, the business may start with just one computer and a printer, but as the business grow, more and more computers and other peripherals are included. As a result of your business growing, the demand for printers and other peripherals increases and sharing the devices becomes  an issue.

Instead of buying separate hardware devices for each computer, a network offers a solution for a single hardware device like a printer to be shared among computers. As the business grows bigger, the networking the computers is essential. Networking your computers can make a whole lot of difference in smoother operations, and it can become the foundation for a secure and productive business operation.



Peer-to-Peer & Server/Client Networking

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There are two types of computer networking;  peer-to-peer computer network and Client Networking. In  server or peer-to-peer networking he computers are linked directly to each other. This is the most basic type of system that allows several users to share resources such as scanners and printers and information without a centralized server or computer. In this type of network, each connected computer has an equal role and responsibility.

On the other hand, with server or client networking, all the computers are connected to a centralized computer called server. A server is used to manage the whole network and shared information from a central location(Server Room). The servers are run with specific software designed to maintain the computer network and serve as the central place to store data. The server software executes certain tasks such as printer sharing, file sharing, sending/receiving e-mail for each of the network’s client, and connect multiple users to the internet.

An Our  Computer Networking Specialsit can help you decide whether a server-based or peer-to-peer computer network would be the best fit for your small business. Having an excellent management System is essential for small businesses with networking in place to ensuring you sucessed in growing your business without doing everything manualy. 


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